Community Action


The Spokane Chapter provides scholarship grants to help strengthen our credit union community and contribute to the development of our local area credit union professionals. If your credit union is an affiliate of the Spokane Chapter of the GoWest Credit Union Association, we have scholarship funds available for staff, management and volunteers to assist in paying for educational programs that enhance individual performance and benefit your credit union.

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Young Credit Union Professionals (YCUP)

Inland Northwest YCUP strives to be an invaluable resource to young credit union professionals by engaging each other through the four pillars: Leadership, Education, Advocacy and Philosophy in Action.  We host regular events, serve our community and share best practices to contribute to the growth of ourselves, the credit union movement and our neighborhoods.


Community Outreach Focus

The Spokane Chapter dedicates a part of each meeting to focus on supporting Community Outreach efforts. Check out our Events and Meetings page to see what organizations we have lined up to support this year!

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